Welcome to Eddie's Cafe & Gifts! We are a family owned & operated restaurant, giftshop, camp supply, and ice-cream shop located in Apgar Village in Glacier National Park. We've been open in the park for over 60 years.

This year our store opens the first week of May 2010. The restaurant opens Memorial Day Weekend. We have have a full service restaurant that opens at 7AM all season, a full park grocery including wine and beer, (we are the only grocery type store in the park).

Hiking the Highline Trail? When you get back treat yourself to an ice-cream from Eddie's Expresso & Snack Stand, loacted on the corner by the store. There you can get latte's, real milk shakes, beer, & wine. We provide outdoor picnic seating with beautiful views of Lake McDonald.

Picturesque Lake McDonald...fed by mountain streams, this clear blue lake with its snow-capped mountains in the background is a view that never disappoints locals and visitors alike. Lake McDonald is the largest lake in Glacier National Park. It is ten miles long and 450 feet deep. In the year 1908, Charles M. Russell, famed cowboy artist of the west, had his summer home built at the foot of Lake McDonald by Dimon Apgar, Sr. Russell called his cabin “Bull Head Lodge” after the buffalo skull that was his trademark.

Charlie Russell was a familiar figure to the people of early Apgar; an outstanding figure with his cowboy hat, boots and the always present sash tied about his waist. Aside from his artistic talent, Russell had a knack for telling fireside stories. One such story often told went something like this: Two guides went out one morning to round up their horses & in crossing a strip of woodland, they met a belligerent moose who made it necessary for them to seek cover with no delay.

One of the guides slid into a convenient hole and the other climbed a tree while the moose just waited around. After a time, the man in the hole stuck out his head and asked: “Has he gone yet?” and the man in the tree said: “No!” After a few minutes, he raised up and again asked: “Hasn’t he gone yet?” The man in the tree replied, in not too refined language: “No! And he never will go if you keep popping out that hole. Get back in there and keep out of sight!” “Well,” said the other fellow, “There is a bear in this hole.”



You can tell everyone you bought your gifts in Glacier National Park with our huge giftshop selection there is something for everyone on your list. We offer many Made in Montana gifts as well as a wonderful selection of Glacier National Park t-shirts, postcards, glassware, etc.



Stay at the Izaak Walton Inn! Located in Essex Montana. Bordering Glacier National Park!

Visit the Glacier Village Cafe in East Glacier, Montana!

 Heading to East Glacier? Visit the family owned Glacier Village Cafe.
 Finished camping and want to pamer yourself? Nothing beats the Izaak Walton Inn year`round resort bordering Glacier National Park. 
The Historic Izaak Walton Inn is a family owned and operated hotel and is located in Essex, Montana 30 minutes from Eddie's Cafe & Gifts in Apgar, MT.

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We are located in Glacier National Park in Apgar Village. We're about a five minute walk from Apgar Campground.  See map below!

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If you are hard-working, reliable, friendly & wish to enjoy all that a park setting has to offer, apply today!

This is the perfect opportunity for students.
A truly unique working opportunity. Housing options available along with season ending bonus option.

Apply online with our new All-In-One web based apllication. It's simple, secure, and takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.  Click below to start the application!


Eddies Cafe & Gifts P.O. Box 69 West Glacier, MT 59936